Warranty Statement

Quick Response Warranty Statement

Quick Response Systems, Inc. stands by her quality and professional job. We ensure jobs are done properly the first time to customer’s satisfaction. We warranty our job for thirty (30) days after delivery. We will be glad to fix any issue on a job discovered not to have been done properly with thirty days at no cost to the customer. Defective part due to manufacture not covered under this warranty.

Quick Response Systems, Inc. dose not a manufacture any hardware components for customers. Materials and components used are from independent manufacturers. Hence, warranty on products supplied or used to execute a job is provided by the manufacturer. Quick response Systems, Inc. does not independently warrant the products it sells. Manufacturer warranties are transferred directly to the end users. Replacement and repair of defective parts or products will be according to the manufacturer terms and conditions. It is our commitment to provide client assistance to fulfill manufactural warranty claim as need may arise.